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Best Age for Disney Cruise Line

What's the Best Age for Disney Cruise Line

Best Age for Disney Cruise Line

The magic of Disney is everlasting. Once you’ve been sprinkled with Pixie Dust, you’re a Disney fan for life.  The Disney Cruise Line recognizes that no one is “too old” to be affected by the magic. You’re never really too young either. That’s why the Disney Cruise Line caters to little guests of all ages so that they can enjoy the world of Disney with age-appropriate activities and settings. Read on to learn more. 

Are there any age restrictions aboard the Disney Cruise Line?

Yes. Your child needs to be at least six months of age on the day of sailing for most itineraries while one year is the minimum age for Transatlantic and Panama Canal itineraries on the day of sailing. You can request a crib by filling out a “Special Requests” form before sailing. Disney supplies a Pack ‘n Play or similar convertible crib, which can be used as both a sleeping crib and playpen for children under 35 inches tall, at no extra cost. However, they are subject to availability so you should ask for one as soon as you book your cruise.

Disney cruise line Things to Do As a Family

Activities for Kids Three and Under:

All ships have “It’s a Small World” childcare centers. Expert Disney childcare counsellors encourage children to participate in various activities and play. Activities like story time, movie time, and arts and crafts projects keep children actively engaged. The nurseries also have nap rooms for your little ones to have some quiet time in.

Although children need to be toilet-trained to enter any of the Disney Cruise Line pools, hot tubs, and spas, they can enjoy the water play areas on board each ship while wearing a swim diaper. While other clubs are complementary, you need to pay a fee and book your spots in the It’s a Small World Nursery.

Adventures for Children Aged 3 to 12

The Oceaneer Club is one of the most popular clubs for kids where they can step into the worlds of their favourite characters. Kids can participate in character-driven performances, special storytelling sessions, larger-than-life play areas, dress-up opportunities and a whole lot more. Themes vary from ship to ship including Andy’s Room, Star Wars: Command Post, Marvel Super Hero Academy, Pixie Hollow and a whole lot more.

There are plenty of activities for children to enjoy, by themselves or with the entire family. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is an enchanted salon run by the Fairy Godmother’s apprentices. There, they transform your child into a beautiful princess, a brave knight or a daring sea captain. The salon is pretty popular, so it’s a good idea to make reservations before embarking on your cruise.

The salon also has the power to turn your little ones into fearsome, swashbuckling pirates for Pirate’s Night parties. 

Cool Hangout for Ages 11 to 14

Edge is the coolest spot aboard for tweens. It’s a place for them to make friends, hang out, watch movies or play video games. It’s more than just a hi-tech entertainment center though, the cool Disney counsellors at Edge run daily activities including ship-wide scavenger hunts, trivia events, and even comedy and improv workshops. You’re going to have a tough time getting your tween to leave.

The Lounge Life for Ages 14 to 17

For those too old to hang out with the tweens but not quite adults yet, Disney Cruise Lines offers Vibe. This exclusive club for teens is the perfect place for them to chill out, watch TV, play video games or listen to music. The teens-only lounge is chaperoned by some of Disney’s coolest counsellors in a way that makes your teens feel comfortable and unrestricted while still being under the watchful eye of adults.  Vibe also hosts plenty of cool activities like  Vibe Movie Makers where they learn movie-making skills – the Disney way!

Things to Do As a Family

While there are plenty of age-specific activities, the real magic lies in togetherness. Disney Cruise Lines offers plenty of opportunities for families to make lasting memories together. From themed deck parties and Broadway-style shows to exploring the wonders at the exotic ports of call, there are plenty of shared experiences to be had.

So, the best age to get on a Disney Cruise? We say pretty much any. You’ll create new memories every time you go. 

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