Beverly Summerfield

Beverly Summerfield
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Beverly Summerfield


Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney!
As your devoted vacation planner, I specialize in crafting personalized itineraries to delight every individual, young and young at heart.
Converting skeptics into enthusiastic Disney lovers brings me pure joy, as I firmly believe, as did Walt himself, that “adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”
Being a passionate foodie, I’ve indulged in the unique flavours of multiple quick service, table service, and snack venues in each of the parks, (and don’t forget Disney Springs!)
Let me guide you to the best culinary gems that Disney has to offer, wowing your taste buds as you experience Disney’s renowned theming!
As a huge Star Wars nerd, that galaxy far, far away holds a special place in my heart, and Princess Leia is my ultimate Disney princess.
Whether you’re a fan or a newbie, I’ll help you uncover the magic of the Star Wars universe at Disney World.
Before stepping into the Magic Kingdom, I always pause to read the plaque engraved above: “Here You Leave Today And Enter The World Of Yesterday, Tomorrow And Fantasy.”
Let’s chat about making your Disney dreams come true – reach out today to discover the possibilities!

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