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Cassandra Bast

As a dedicated travel agent, my mission is to explore the world one destination at a time while making your travel dreams come true. I’m Cassandra, a proud mom of three, and I have a particular passion for creating magical experiences at Disney and Universal resorts. However, my expertise doesn’t stop there; I can also curate unforgettable journeys, whether it’s a cruise across the open seas or a relaxing escape at an all-inclusive paradise.

Walking down Main Street and catching that first glimpse of the castle is a moment that never loses its enchantment for me. The joy and wonder I experience every time I visit these magical places are what drive my commitment to providing extraordinary travel experiences for my clients. Whether you’re seeking the enchantment of Disney, the thrill of Universal, or any other adventure, I’m here to make it a reality. On a personal note, I understand the importance of dietary restrictions, as I have a dairy allergy myself. This means I’m well-equipped to assist with any dairy allergy requests or questions, ensuring that your journey is not only memorable but safe. I can’t wait to help you explore the world, one remarkable destination at a time, and share in the wonder and joy of travel with you!


What Cassandra’s guests say about planning with her: 

I had the pleasure of working with Cassandra at Timeless Tale Travel to book my Disney trip, and it was nothing short of phenomenal. Cassandra went above and beyond to make our experience unforgettable. From handling the booking process to securing hard-to-get dining reservations, she made sure every detail was perfect. My family and I had the time of our lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Cassandra for making it all possible. If you’re planning a Disney trip, I highly recommend Cassandra and Timeless Tale Travel for an exceptional experience. Thank you, Cassandra!  – Ryan

Fun Fact Fav Travel Destination etc.

Favourite Disney Destination: I Love visiting Walt Disney World, there’s just so much to offer in one location!

Favourite Disney Dining: I must admit I love dinner time, it’s the time of day when the day stops and you can sit down with your family and just enjoy the moments and catch up – so with this being said I have favourable memories from Liberty Tree Tavern located inside Magic Kingdom.

Favourite Disney Movie: Bedtime Stories

Disney Bucket List trip: Disneyland Tokyo

Favourite Disney quote: “Progress is impossible without change” – Walt Disney

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